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We are an independent family who rescues, cares for and rehomes Weimaraners in the memory of our father, Von Ogle (July 6, 1937 - August 28, 2012) . He had a love for Gun Dogs, "Coon" Hunting, his rescued mini pinscher "Max", fishing, and car racing. Von was born and raised in Gatlinburg and from ine of the first families of Hillbillies.

POSTED:If you are looking to REHOME or ADOPT a WEIMARANER please contact us. The Weimaraner is a beautiful breed but are not for everyone, they need to be with their people as a pack and require a schedule which includes lots of exercise as they were originally breed for hunting, they are of the utmost intelligence. We have 3 rescued family weim members, (1 blue male and 2 grey female). We are a small family rescue specializing in the Weimaraner breed only and we are a safe alternative to you selling or giving your weim away. We work very hard, like an adoption agency, to give every dog we take in (at no cost to the previous owner) a great new home/beginning.
We are devoted to helping to rehome Weimaraners whose families are unable to care for them any longer. We rescue displaced or homeless Weimaraners, providing them with a safe, stable and balanced environment and making the life-long commitment to finding them safe wonderful forever homes.
If you want to apply to adopt please know that all of our dogs are fully vetted which includes: spay or neuter, rabies and distemper vaccinations, heartworm test and prophylaxis. Once with us, the Weim learns basic commands, social skills, sleeps in a bedroom + crate trained, a balanced diet, an exercise program (includes swimming), playtime, and they are given plenty of love. We take adoptions seriously and work with each applicant to find the best fit for them and the Weimaraner.

Should you be interested in fostering on of these wayward darlings until a forever home is established please let us know and may God Bless You and Yours!
PLEASE EMAIL us for an application at: [email protected]